Why haven't I received my files after purchase?

Please note that files cannot be sent until PayPal confirms that all producers/merchants have received their portion of the funds successfully.  If there is an issue with your transaction, files cannot be sent, unfortunately as we do not own rights to the material.

If your transaction is stuck in "Pending", "Canceled", or "Voided", usually this indicates either an issue with the buyer's payment method, the producer(s) personal PayPal account(s), or an issue on PayPal's side.

We're sorry, BeatStars does not process payments on our side, and the data we receive from PayPal is limited in such cases.  Please contact PayPal and your source payment provider for more information as to why your transaction has not successfully processed in such cases.

IMPORTANT:  If all producers/merchants received their portion of the sale successfully and your transaction is marked as officially completed, please check your inbox and spam/junk folders for our email with your download link.  If you still do not see this email, please contact support@beatstars.com and provide your invoice number so that we can investigate your order.

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