Why didn't I get my free track(s) for the bulk deal?

Apologies, all qualifying items are required to be added to the cart at the time of checkout.  

Producers have the option to exclude specific licenses and/or tracks from their Bulk Discounts.  If you added the additional track(s) during your checkout process and they were not free, this indicates that the producer likely excluded the license(s) and/or track(s) from their Bulk Discount.  Producers fully manage their own deals and content.

Please contact the producer directly to see if they are willing to make any accommodations in such cases.  BeatStars does not own legal rights to the material, and cannot send files or licenses outside of this process.  You may use the producers' personal email from your receipt, or the "Message" button on their BeatStars profile page to contact them directly.

IMPORTANT: All licenses in the cart must be identical licenses in order to qualify for their equivalent Bulk Discounts.

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