SoundCloud Monetization General Information and Timelines

Please see the following general information with regards to SoundCloud monetization.

1.  How can I tell if my tracks are turned on for monetization?

If your track(s) have a blue dollar symbol and say "Monetizable" or "Ready to be monetized" these tracks are turned on for monetization.  If you do not see the blue dollar symbol, unfortunately your track(s) have not yet been turned on for monetization.  Please see this link for instructions How To Submit Tracks for SoundCloud Monetization.

2.  How can I earn revenue?

If/when you generate actual monetized plays for a given month, SoundCloud will send us that data/revenue directly, and we will populate that data in the following sections of your BeatStars account.

NOTE:  The actual stats section in your SoundCloud account is not a representation of monetized plays.  That section is for plays only, and not a confirmation of actual monetized plays via our program. So please do not use your SoundCloud personal stats as any reference for monetization via our program.  

3.  When can I expect payments?

If your tracks are generating monetization revenue, it can take SoundCloud 2-6 months to send us this data and revenue.  We appreciate your patience as we await the data and revenue for each payout period.  BeatStars has no control over payment timelines.  Also, if your content is not generating any actual monetized plays, unfortunately, no revenue can be sent.

4.  What is a monetized play?

Monetized plays are those which are turned on for monetization, getting a visitor play of 30 seconds or more, and occurring on SoundCloud's site specifically from their launched markets.  Any plays outside of SoundCloud, not turned on for monetization, and not getting a visitor play of 30 seconds or more from their launched markets cannot generate revenue.  Plays in markets that are not launched by SoundCloud for monetization cannot generate revenue.  Also, any false plays generated by bots, etc. will not generate revenue and can lead to being removed from this program and our service per our discretion, and without warning.

IMPORTANT:  All monetization payments will always be reliant on the data our partners provide and when.  If you do not see any revenue yet, this indicates that their statements we received thus far do not show you generated any revenue yet.  If/when your content generates revenue for a specific payout period, it will be sent once our partner provides us that data. In some cases, partners can take 2-6 months (or more) to send us the revenue, so there could be additional delays at times.  BeatStars has no control over timelines, so we appreciate your patience.​​

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