What Types of Tracks Can I add to BeatStars Publishing?

You are able to add your instrumentals, beats with hooks, and full songs to BeatStars Publishing. These tracks must be distributed first before being added to Publishing. 

Cover songs and unofficial remixes cannot be accepted through BeatStars Publishing. 

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  • hi there, what do u mean by "These tracks must be distributed first".

    In fact I would like to offer free beats to my community, so I'm looking for how to monetize the more I can when artist will use my beats, so :

    Is is necessary to distribute it via a digital distributor, if yes why ? 

    Use beatstars publishing isn't enougth ? 


    Thank u !


  • Hi Kevin,

    You will need your tracks to be distributed to at least Spotify before they are added to publishing. Tracks are added through the search function shown in this article https://help.beatstars.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052361134-How-to-Add-Your-Tracks-to-BeatStars-Publishing 

    We recommend using BeatStars Distribution to get your tracks on streaming platforms if you do not currently have a distributor. You can find more information on the service here: https://www.beatstars.com/distribution 


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