Publishing Contract Deal Terms

Please see this list of commonly asked questions about our standard publishing contracts below. For any more specific questions please email


Q: What type of deal is this?

A: Exclusive Administration Agreement


Q: How often will I be paid royalties by BeatStars Publishing? 

A:  Semi-annually. 


Q: What kinds of royalties do you collect and what percentages will I earn from each? 

  • Mechanical – 80% 
  • Public Performance – 60%
  •  Public Performance Writers Share – 100%
  •  Syncs – 80%, except 65% where sourced by BeatStars or its affiliates


Q: How long is the term of the deal? 

A: 1-year which shall automatically be extended for additional one (1) year periods thereafter unless terminated by either party by written notice no less than thirty days (30) days prior to the end of the then-current term

Q: How long is the retention period? 

A: Publisher shall have no rights in the musical compositions written (in whole or in part) by you after the end of the Term, and all rights in administered musical compositions will revert to you after the end of the Term. 


Q: What is the collection period? 

A: One (1) year following the expiration of the Term in the U.S., Eighteen (18) months ex-U.S.; all monies earned during the Term throughout the Territory.



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