Marketplace to Starter Plan Changes

All BeatStars community members currently subscribed to a Marketplace Plan will be converted to the new Starter Plan. The annual price for the Starter Plan will be $19.99, and there will not be a monthly version of this plan anymore. Monthly subscribers to Marketplace will be billed $19.99 on their next billing cycle and be automatically converted into an annual plan. For subscribers outside of the US, local prices everywhere will be a direct conversion of $19.99.

This pricing change is equal to an 80% price drop. 

For users subscribed to the current annual Marketplace plan, account credits will be assigned to those accounts proportional to the time they have left on their subscription. These credits, while not visible to the users, will be used first on any invoice to purchase promote campaigns, Beat ID scans, or future subscription upgrades. These credits cannot be used to buy items on the Marketplace.

Below is an example of how account credits will be distributed to subscribers already on the annual plan.

In addition to the price drop, we are also including BeatStars Publishing and Seeds by Lemonaide for free with your Starter Plan. 


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