How do I set up my domain name as my Pro Page URL with SSL?

Below are the instructions which will allow you to set up your custom domain name as your Pro Page URL.

After following these instructions, it can take a few business days to apply the SSL certificate.  Your default URL based on your username followed by "" should still be secure in the meantime.  

For Godaddy:

1.  Click the "Add" button (see screenshot)

  First, we will create a CNAME.  Type/select the following values into each field: 

Type: CNAME 

Host: www

 Points to:  

 If you receive "An unexpected error occurred." during this step, this error usually occurs when users already have an existing "CNAME" with "www" as the host.  If this is the case, you will need to edit that one instead of creating a new one.


3. Next, you will need to create an A Record. Cick the "Add" and fill in the A Record with the information below. 

Type: A

Host: @

Points To:


4.  Delete any Forwarding you have set-up. Click the Trash can icon to delete.


5. Delete any old A Record with an @ Host. You may need to refresh the page in order to delete them.


6.  Lastly, log into your BeatStars account and visit the Pro Page Setup page.  You will need to input your domain name in the "Domain Name" field. Do not include http:// or www. before your entry, please simply start with your actual domain name (see screenshot)Screen_Shot_2021-01-14_at_1.43.57_PM.png 



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  • Hey BS,

    Do i have to delete my forwarding if i got my existing domain name too?

    Many thanks

  • Yes you will likely need to delete forwarding here.  If you encounter any issues please email us at

  • I'm having trouble on steps 5a and 5b. When I try to add a new type it tells me that an error has occured and won't let me save it. Please help!

  • Hi Yung Pros,

    We're sorry if you are having trouble. This error usually occurs when users already had an existing cname with a www as the host. If this is indeed the case, you will need to edit that one instead of creating a new one.

    We hope this information helps.

    BeatStars Team

  • This is not working at all for me, I have followed all the directions over and over again and its still not working. My site is just redirecting to I need help ASAP with this issue.

  • Same as Platinumstatz, it redirects to page

  • I have finally gotten it to work. Make sure before you follow these instructions that you disconnect your domain from any hosting accounts your domain is connected to, as well as changing your nameservers back to default. The first few times I did it I did change the nameservers, but I didnt realize that wix was storing my domain and I had to disconnect it as well. After that, I followed the instructions and it came right up.

  • Worked out perfectly!!!


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