How do I edit a track? (Marketplace)

To edit metadata and/or files for a single track that was previously uploaded, please see the following instructions.

1.  Log into your BeatStars account.

2.  Next, visit the following My Tracks

NOTE:  You can also edit tracks in your "Future Releases" and "Drafts" sections as well.

3.  Click the "Edit" button to the right of the track you wish to modify.  (see screenshot)


4.  You will be redirected to the Track Metadata Editor page where you can modify metadata and/or files for the track.

5.  Please ensure to provide all required metadata and files.  You can then click the "Save Draft" button to save your changes, then click "Publish" when you are ready to post the product live.


IMPORTANT:  Please review all of your settings and ensure they are set to your desired preferences before publishing your track.  You will not be able to publish a track unless all required metadata and/or assets are provided.

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