Why am I not seeing my subscribers added to my MailChimp list?

If you are not seeing emails being added to your associated MailChimp list, please see the following for potential solutions.

1.  Please first ensure you have followed all of the steps in the following article below.

How can I setup my Email Marketing?

2.  Please also ensure to follow all of the steps in the following article as well.

How do I send a welcome email to my MailChimp subscribers?

3.  Once the above is set, please go into your MailChimp "Form Settings" and ensure the "Enable double opt-in" option is unchecked and save your changes.  (see screenshot)


4.  Next, go into your "List fields and * lMERGEl* tags" settings and adjust any custom merge tag(s) with the appropriate settings.  If you need assistance doing this, please contact MailChimp.  (see screenshot)

Example:  NAME by default merge tags: FNAME et LNAME Merge_Settings.png

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