Why is my site saying it is not secure?

This could be due to various reasons.  Please see below regarding general information and timelines.

1.  If you just recently applied your custom domain settings, it can take time for our system to apply the SSL.  General timelines are 7-10 business days (weekends excluded), however, this can take longer at times.

2.  If you applied any settings incorrectly, we are not able to apply and/or renew your SSL in such cases.  Please ensure your settings are set properly.

3.   If you previously had a secure domain and it is no longer secure, please note that SSL certificates expire.  Unfortunately, this is not within our control and the SSL needs to be renewed every 30-60 days.  During the renewal periods, please double-check to ensure your settings are still correct per our video below.  If so, we generally need 7-10 business days (weekends excluded) to renew the SSL for your domain.  We try our best to renew prior to the expiration period, however, due to volume and limits, this is not always possible.  

IMPORTANT:  The timelines we reference above are general, and can take longer.  We have a very large community and we are limited to the number of SSLs we can renew at a given time.  We kindly appreciate your patience during the application or renewal periods.  If this is an issue for you, please note that the default Pro Page URL we provide you which is your username followed by ".beatstars.com" will still be secure at all times and you can share that link during the initial application and renewal periods.  We also recommend always including your Marketplace and/or player links when sharing links so that visitors still have access to alternative secure purchase links at all times.

NOTE:  We only have instructions for GoDaddy, the general settings should be the same for most domain service provider accounts, the layout will just be different.  For any additional assistance, please contact your domain name service provider.

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