Why didn't I receive my payment after a sale?

Please first ensure that the transaction has been "Completed" and is not stuck in "Pending", "Canceled", or "Voided" on PayPal's side.  If the transaction is successful, please also ensure you are checking the proper PayPal account.  If you have a Stripe account connected to your BeatStars account, please also check your Stripe account as direct credit card payments would go to your Stripe account and not your PayPal account.

If you are unsure which PayPal and/or Stripe account you have connected to your BeatStars account, you can disconnect and reconnect them via the following section.

Payment Accounts

IMPORTANT:  BeatStars does not process payments in any way.  All transactions are direct payments between the buyer and producers via PayPal or Stripe.  If there are any payment issues where transactions are Pending, Canceled, or Voided, please have your customer contact their source payment provider and PayPal or Stripe (where applicable) for more information.

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