What are the best dimensions for my mobile and web Pro Page background images?

Unfortunately, this will always vary based on the scale of the viewer's device.  As a result, it may be difficult to always gauge the best dimensions.  However, we found that the following dimensions tend to work in most cases.  Please try the following dimensions and adjust from there on your side if needed.

1.  Main Background (Desktops and Laptops)

Recommended Width:  1500 pixels
Recommended Height:  680 pixels

NOTE:  This seems to work for large wide screens.  If your monitor is smaller, please adjust accordingly.

2.  Mobile Main Background (Phones and Mobile Devices)

Recommended Width:  360 pixels
Recommended Height:  496 pixels

NOTE:  This seems to work for newer Android and iPhone devices.

IMPORTANT:  Please be sure to also click "Don't Crop Image" otherwise it will zoom on the selected cropped portion and may be blurred due to size adjustments when cropping.  Also, please ensure that the original image is exported to the suggested dimensions above and that you are not resizing an existing image as that will naturally affect the proportions and scale.

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