How do I set up FanBucks? (Marketplace)


1.  Log into your BeatStars account.

2.  Next, visit the following section Marketing Integrations

3.  Scroll down and click the "Sign Up" button if you do not have a Fanbucks account.  (see screenshot)


4.  Once your account is created, enter your FanBucks "Username / Phone Number" and "Password" in the applicable fields and then click the "Login" button.  (see screenshot)


5.  Once logged in, you will see your Integration Settings where you can choose which groups your collected phone numbers go to in your FanBucks account. You can select your "Group For Customers", "Group For Free Download Users", and "Group for Pro Page Subscription Form." Type the groups into these forms exactly how they appear in your FanBucks account. (see example)


6.  Next, visit the following section Pro Page Setup

7.  Then scroll down to the Contact List Builder Subscription Form and toggle the "Enable FanBucks" switch to the active position.  It will turn red when activated, then you will need to enter the same group that you selected for your Pro Page Subscription Form.  (see screenshot)


8. To capture phone numbers in exchange for free downloads of tracks, please visit the track's edit page, enable one of the free download options and then select the "Capture Email Only" option.   (see screenshot)


NOTE:  You can perform the above action for multiple tracks by visiting the following section Active Tracks, then clicking the checkbox(es) next to each track you wish to edit.  Next, click "Free Sample Download" in the right BULK EDIT METADATA menu.

9.  Once all settings are set correctly, the "Mobile Phone Number" option will populate when your visitors are prompted to be added to your Mailing List on your Pro Page's email subscription form and when customers download your free beats.  (see example)




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