I subscribed to a producer's membership on their Pro Page, what next?

If you subscribed to a producer's membership on their Pro Page, you can then begin selecting qualifying free material from their Pro Page monthly.  Please note that you will be charged until you cancel your subscription with them.  Please see below regarding common questions and general information regarding your producer memberships.

1.  How do I receive my free tracks from my membership with the producer?

If you have an active membership with a producer, you can simply visit their Pro Page and add qualifying items to your cart.  If your items qualify per the producer's membership settings and if you have not exceeded your limit for the month, then the material will be free during the checkout process.

IMPORTANT:  Only qualifying items will be free.  Producers fully manage their membership settings and which items qualify for each of their membership packages.  Any material which does not qualify will not be free.

2.  How do I cancel my membership with the producer?

You can cancel the subscription on the producer's Pro Page.

IMPORTANT:  Your membership subscription with a producer is a direct subscription between you and the producer, not BeatStars.  Your payments go directly to the producer(s) for your membership(s) with them.  BeatStars does not manage your membership subscriptions with each producer.

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