How do I set up an ad campaign and use BeatStars Promote?

To set up an ad campaign and use BeatStars promote, please see the video and instructions below.

How To Create a Promotion

1.  Log into your BeatStars account.

2.  Next, visit the following section Promote

3.  Then click the "Promote" button on the top right of the screen.  (see screenshot)

4.  Next, select what you would like to promote.  (see screenshot)


NOTE:  The "Edit" option you see in the screenshot above will only populate if you have a track already selected and this will allow you to edit that selected track.

5.  Then use the "Duration", "Run Continuously""Promotion Starts", and "Budget" options to set your desired settings.  (see screenshot)


IMPORTANT:  If you enable the "Run Continuously" option, your campaign will continue to run and you will continue to be charged until you manually stop it.  

6.  Next, review your promotion campaign settings then click the "Go To Final Step" button.  (see screenshot)


7.  Then apply a payment method if you do not have one set already.  (see screenshot)  


NOTE:  If you have a payment method set up and wish to change it, please use the "Manage Payment Sources" option to change your payment method.  Also, if you have any Promo Credits remaining, these will be used first before you are charged to your payment method.

8.  Next, thoroughly review the details and then click the "Create Campaign" button once you approve all of the settings.  (see example)


IMPORTANT:  Please ensure you thoroughly review your campaign settings prior to creating your campaign.  You will be charged based on your settings and all purchases are Non-Refundable per our Refund Policy

References:  Please also refer to the additional help articles to learn more.

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