What does each tab mean in my promote section?

Please see below to learn about what each tab section means in your Promote section.

Active - This indicates a currently running promotion.  If your campaign is in this tab, then your ad is currently being promoted in our marketplace. 

Scheduled - Your promotion is set to run at a future date and will start at 00.00 UTC on that date.

Pending - Your ads are not running because there is a hold on your account due to past due payment(s).  Please resolve these payment issues before your ads can become active. 

Processing - We have been unable to charge you for the last day of your promotion.  Please contact support for assistance.

Finished - Your campaign has finished and all stats for the promotion are available.  Your ads are no longer appearing in our marketplace. Finished campaigns will appear in the status section as "finalized." 

Stopped - Transitional period between active and finalized while ads are still being removed from our marketplace.  Your campaign should move to finished after a short waiting period.

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