Why am I receiving an "Error Loading Track" error?

Usually, this is due to one or more of the following reasons:

1.  Your voice tag file is corrupt.  Please try replacing your voice tag in the Voice Tag section.  Once you replace your voice tag, please reupload your WAV file in the "Untagged WAV or MP3" section of your track's edit page, then click "Save Draft", and then click "Publish"

2.  If your track is in your Drafts section it may not play until it is published in your My Tracks section.  Please publish your track in this case.

3.  Internet connection, browser issues, adblock, antivirus, and/or browser plugins can pose various issues.  Please ensure your connection is stable, then clear your browser's cache/cookies, and disable any adblock, antivirus, and/or browser plugins to see if that helps.

IMPORTANT:  If your issue persists after checking that it is not related to any of the above, please contact support@beatstars.com

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