How to Release a Track with BeatStars Distribution

We're phasing out our distribution services and are excited to announce that Soundrop will now be BeatStars' exclusive partner for distribution. Click here to learn more.

1.  Click the "New Release" button.


2.  Next, fill out all of the required metadata information, apply your desired settings, upload an artwork image, and click the "Next Step" button.

IMPORTANT:  If you already have a UPC for your single release, please include it during this step.

3.  Then click "Add a Track" to apply each track's metadata.  (see screenshot)  


4.  Then fill out all of the required metadata information. This is where you'll be able to upload your audio files. If your track is an instrumental, you must change the language to Instrumental in order to proceed. If your track is not an instrumental, you will need to add at least 1 contributor with the role "Lyricist." IMPORTANT:  If you already have an ISRC for your track, please include it during this step.

5.  If you have any additional tracks, please click "Add Another Track" and perform the above steps for each trackIf not, please click the "Next Step" button. Adding 3 tracks or less will automatically create a "Single". 4 Tracks or more will create an "Album"

6.  Next, either click "Select All Stores" to distribute everywhere, or manually check each store you wish to distribute to specifically and then click the "Next Step" button.  (see screenshot)
IMPORTANT:  Store options are subject to change at any time and without warning as this is managed by our distribution partner.

If you included SoundCloud in your selection from the previous step and if you have not previously connected your SoundCloud for monetization, please click the "Connect SoundCloud" button in the pop-up if prompted and follow the onscreen steps.  If you do not wish to distribute to SoundCloud, or if you previously connected your SoundCloud account for monetization, please proceed to Step 13(see screenshot)

8.  On the Preview page, please review all metadata and selected distribution services and ensure all is set to your preference.  If so, please click the "Distribute" button.  If you wish to make any changes, please use the "Back" button and make the necessary changes.  (see screenshot)


9.  You will see a pop-up informing you that once you proceed, you will not be able to make any edits to your submission.  Meaning, you cannot edit any track data, artwork, audio, etc. after you proceed or after distribution.  If you wish to proceed, please click the "Confirm" button.  (see screenshot)


Once you confirmed in the previous step, your submission will then be under review by our Quality Control Team.  If approved, the content will be distributed.  If the content is not approved, you will be notified as to why the content was not delivered.

IMPORTANT:  BeatStars reserves the right to not approve and/or remove content and/or users from our program per our discretion and without warning or refund.  Also, please note that if you selected any Content ID programs for distribution, any royalty-free loops/samples and/or unauthorized samples are strictly prohibited.  Submitting such content can lead to various rights-holder disputes and potential legal issues.  Users violating this or any other site policies are subject to removal from our programs and/or services without warning and/or refund per our discretion at any time.

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