Why was my release rejected?

We're phasing out our distribution services and are excited to announce that Soundrop will now be BeatStars' exclusive partner for distribution. Click here to learn more.

This could indicate that our audio matching system and Quality Control Team discovered a potential match or copyright issue that prevents us from distributing your release, unfortunately.  This could be due (but not limited) to the following reasons:

  • Your release was distributed through another service
  • Your release sounds similar to another release
  • You are using material that may be at risk of being flagged at any retailer(s)

We're sorry, if/when your material is flagged due to any potential copyright reasons, it cannot be distributed, unfortunately.  Doing so can lead to potential rights-holder disputes, copyright infringement issues, and/or legality risk. 

If you believe this is a mistake and you have the rights to distribute this release, please create a ticket to get into contact with our Distribution support team. 


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