Do I Need to Have a Spotify Account to Distribute to Spotify?

If you already have music uploaded to Spotify, and you want to link your BeatStars Distribution profile to your Spotify account so your releases go to your established artist profile, you can add that here by pressing "I have a Spotify Account" and searching for your Spotify profile.

If you have never released music to Spotify and do not have an account, you can skip this step and we will create a profile for you.

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  • ok...but where is my spotify account?


  • Hello, I have a Spotify account already but I didn't click the "I have a spotify account" button on the "distribution" section and now I cannot re-enable it. I've tried this link and it shows my account which I made, but I still cannot find the account that BeatStars Distribution made for me. BeatStars distribution claims it has "distributed" my beat on Spotify but I cannot find it anywhere. 

    Is there an easier way to link my accounts/find my beats?

  • Dude, their customer service is easily one of the worse. 



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