What is a Single Title? (Distribution)

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A single title is the name your release of up to 3 tracks will be released under. Your single title must match at least 1 of the track titles within your single release. 

An example of a single title would be as such: 




A track title, released within a single, will look like this:




Best Practices for Album Titles:

  • Do not use generic titles, such as Track 1, Track 2, or Instrumental, unless they are the actual titles of the tracks or ringtones.
  • The standard, original version of an album, track, or music video must not include any additional information in the title unless it is needed to identify the content For example, titles must not include Exclusive, Limited Edition, Tone, Alert Tone, Text Tone, Ringtone, Ringtone Version, E-Release, Digital Only, Digital Download, Digital Single, E-Album, 2 CD Set, With Lyrics, Clips from, Official Music Video, Full Song Video, or Full Version.




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