How to Upload Sound Kits (Studio)

To create and manage sound kits, please use the following steps. 

1. Visit the Sound Kits Page in your BeatStars Studio.

2. Click the Add Sound Kit button in the top right corner of the screen


3. Upload your sound kit in the "File for Download" section. This should be either a .zip or .rar file.

4. (Optional) Upload a preview file in mp3 format to give buyers an idea of what they'll be receiving in your kit. 

5. Once you've uploaded your files, these sections should look like this


7. Click "Next Step" to move on to the Basic Info section. Fill out your title, add artwork, select a category for your sound kit, and set a release date. 


8. Move on to the next step to add 3 tags that describe your kit for people searching through the marketplace. And list the number of sounds to give potential buyers an idea of how many sounds they'll be receiving. Screen_Shot_2021-01-13_at_11.29.47_AM.png

9.  Set the price for your sound kit. You will need to set a price for each of your available sound kit licenses. Visit this page to customize your sound kit licenses.Screen_Shot_2021-01-13_at_11.33.53_AM.png

10. Visit the last tab to add your collaborators. 

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