How do I use Content ID with BeatStars Distribution?

With BeatStars distribution, you are able to submit your beats for Youtube Content ID. For a full breakdown of distributing your music on BeatStars, please see this article: How to distribute your music with BeatStars Distribution

To use Content ID, please follow these steps:

1. When submitting a release in BeatStars Distribution, make sure your audio language is set to Instrumental.  Content ID will only appear as an option if Instrumental is selected.


2. Next, when selecting your stores you will need to check off Youtube Music and Content ID.


3. Now, once your tracks are approved and distributed the tracks will have Youtube Content ID. 

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  • Can you manage content id claims as they come in? To release claims on videos for which a license has been purchased?

  • Yeah, I had about the same question. Is content ID well made enough to decide whether or not a video is just an illegal one who ripped my beats or a customer with a legit license (witch a sync feature)? What happens in the latter case? I'm currently reluctant to use this feature just because of that.

    From what I understand, if someone is allowed by a license to use my beat in a song/video on Youtube, is it fair that I'm the only one who can monetize the video? Is it possible to solve this very issue?

  • I also have this problem to understand.
    However, I believe that it is not a good thing to put the content-ID of a beat that you then have to sell through non-exclusive licenses and even less with exclusive licenses.
    Imagine being an artist and buying an exclusive beat and then making a song to publish on YouTube or a Video with that beat and being blocked by content ID, it's not a good thing after paying for that beat.

  • Would like to have these questions above like (Can you manage content id claims as they come in? To release claims on videos for which a license has been purchased?) answered soon beatstars!

    This is a make or break distribution question for me


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