What do I do if my release is sent to the wrong artist profile on Spotify?

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If you are requesting a re-map to your existing Spotify Artist page, which is a page that you already have active/live distributed releases on, please follow these steps:

First, login here:


Next, follow these steps:

  • Open Spotify for Artists
  • Click Profile
  • Click on the "?" icon in the bottom right of the page
  • Click "Managing Your Music" on the left
  • Click "Music mixed up with another artist"
  • Scroll down to Report the problem in Spotify for Artists
  • Click "Report mixed up music
  • From there you will be asked to verify your email address and submit the URI/ URLs of the relevant information.

    NOTE: DO NOT submit duplicate requests as this will not resolve the mapping problem any quicker with Spotify, and instead, and will only cause confusion and delays on Spotify's end.

    Please note that Spotify cannot re-map to Listener Pages.

    If you see the word "user" in the URL that is the link to your Listener Page which cannot be used. Listener Pages are NOT Artist Profile Pages at Spotify. A Listener Page will look like this:

    Spotify may then ask you to provide your distributor (BeatStars) with a link to your profile. If they do, please provide that link to us after you follow the steps above.


Thank you! 

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