How do I Add Collaborators to a Track? (Studio)

1.  Log in to your BeatStars account.

2.  Go to Tracks

3.  Click the 3 dots to the far right of the desired beat, then the "Edit" option of the track you want to edit. (see screenshots)

  image27-2.png image4-2.png

4.  Click the "Collaborators" section towards the top (see screenshot).


5.  Next, click the "Add Collaborator" button.  (see screenshot)




6.  In the "Find Collaborator" pop-up window, run a search for your collaborator using their "Username" or "Email" affiliated with their BeatStars account.  (see screenshot)


7.  When you locate the user, click on the user of the collaborator you wish to add.  (see screenshot)


8. Then set your collaborator's "Role" and "Profit Share" based on the agreed-upon terms with your collaborator.  (screenshots below)


9.  Then click the "Publish" button towards the bottom right.  (see screenshot)



Collaborator Requirements

  • You must be the "Primary Contributor" to add Collaborators
  • Your Collaborator has to be a BeatStars Registered Member and at least subscribed to a "FREE" Subscription Account
  • Needs to have their PayPal Email Address properly Setup
  • You can only add up to Five (5) Collaborators per Track





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