How to Create a Membership (Studio)

1. Visit Memberships and click "Create Plan" 

2. Enter a title for your membership.

3. Enter the price per month for this membership.

Tip: Try to offer a discount for the total number of items they will receive as an incentive for subscribing monthly. For example, if my mp3 are $30 each, 5 mp3 licenses per month as my membership should be cheaper than buying 5 mp3 licenses individually. 


4. Enter a description of your membership so people browsing your store will know exactly what is included. 

5. Depending on what you want to include in your membership, type in a number in one of the left-hand column sections to choose how many downloads the subscriber will receive of your tracks, albums, sound kits etc, and select the license or track/soundkit type they will receive in the right column. My membership is for 3 tracks and will include no other product, so I'll leave the rest blank. If you want to include more than 1 type of item, you are also able to do that.  Screen_Shot_2022-09-23_at_12.13.56_AM.png

6. Click "Create Plan."

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