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let us have full control of design with our pro pages, tired of the trash templates that actually limit what your able to color and change on the pro page we pay large chunks of money for year after year. 
so because i want to use the "block" theme on my page that actually prevents me from changing certain colors and layouts? wow talk about "customizing" 
the pro page is supposed to be a personalized site for my creativity and yet you guys box us into layouts and templates. thanks 



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    Thank you for your suggestions, we really appreciate it. 

    We have a section on our platform, where you can submit your suggestions for new features. You can access the feature request page directly via the following link below.

    Please feel free to visit the above page and submit your suggestions. 

    We also recommended that you bookmark this page, so you can keep yourself regularly updated on the progress of any of the features that have been requested. You will also be able to see if your suggestions have already been added and use the up-vote feature, which really helps us to understand what the community really needs.

    Thanks again!