Improve Your Lyric Writing Tool With This One Thing


I've been using the beatstars mobile app to listen to beats and write to them. I like the workflow. Really cool when you're out on the road or in a coffee shop. But I noticed one problem.

Check my screenshot.

The red line is where the lyrics I've written show up. The white line is where my phone's keyboard opens up so I can type. The trouble is that my phone's keyboard opens up over the bottom part of the lyric page. And since I'm writing line by line from top to bottom, the place where my cursor sits is as at the bottom of the page. So this means my phone's keyboard opens up over the part where I'm writing my next line. Does that make sense?

I essentially can't see what I'm typing as I type it. And since the keyboard is over that area I can't even move the cursor around with my thumb over there because the keyboard is in the way. 

If you fix this it will greatly improve the writing experience!



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    Thank you for highlighting this to us.

    We will have our teams take a look and make some improvements. 

    If you have any further questions or would like to follow up, please email our support team at