BeatStars Verified Badge FAQs

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In this article, we will provide answers to the frequently asked questions about BeatStars verified badges, which are listed below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a BeatStars verified badge?

BeatStars verified badges are designated for BeatStars members who are making noise in the industry and have a significantly large following. There are also many other variables we review internally for consideration.

Can I get a BeatStars verified badge?

Unfortunately, we don't take requests for verification as our marketing and community teams handle this at their discretion.

How long will I need to wait to receive my BeatStars verification badge?

We do not have an ETA for when you will receive your blue badge verification. We completely understand that verification is important to all of our members, which the marketing and community teams take very seriously. Once checks have been completed and verification has been approved, they will get in touch, so please keep an eye on your email inbox.

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