How To Bulk Edit The Price Of Tracks (Studio)

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  • Beat Sellers

In this article, you will learn how to bulk edit the prices of your tracks per contract which will apply to all of your eligible tracks. This feature will save you time and make managing pricing for tracks more efficient.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The 'Apply to all tracks' feature will override the price for all of your eligible selected tracks.

Step-by-step Guide

  1. Head to the contract section on BeatStars Studio.

  2. Click "My Contracts" directly from the side menu.Step 2..jpg

  3. Next, enter the desired price you wish to apply for the contract in the "Default Price" field.
    Step 3..jpg

  4. Then click the "Apply to all tracks" button.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This action will override the price for all of your eligible tracks for the selected contract.Step 4..jpg

  5. To implement the price change for the license, click "Confirm".

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This change may take some time to reflect depending on the amount of tracks you have attached to a contract. Please note you cannot make any further changes until your requested change has been applied. Step 5..jpg

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