Do I have to remove the track when I sell an Exclusive contract?

Yes, if you or your collaborator(s) sell the Exclusive rights to a track on or outside of BeatStars, all versions are required to be removed from our site.

BeatStars automatically removes the original track purchased on our site if the buyer purchases the official Exclusive contract from our site only.  If you sell the track Exclusively outside of BeatStars, we are not able to remove the track automatically.  In this case, you and your collaborator(s) where applicable will need to remove manually.

Also, we do not remove any other versions by you or your collaborator(s) where applicable i.e. remix, the version with a hook, the same track uploaded by your collaborator(s), etc.  It is the producer's and collaborator(s) responsibility to remove all other versions within their own account(s) manually in such cases.

IMPORTANT:  Exclusive contracts are very important.  Not removing any alternate versions can pose potential legality issues between you and your customers.  It is important to ensure all versions of the material are removed from all accounts and locations after the sale of an Exclusive contract. 

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