How do I set up 2-Factor Authentication for my BeatStars account?

To set up 2 Factor Authentication for your BeatStars account, please see the following instructions.

1.  Log into your BeatStars account.

2.  Next, visit the following section Credentials

3.  Then click the "Change Security Method" option.

4.  Next, please select your desired 2-Factor Authentication option.  You can either choose the "App Authentication" or "Text Message (SMS)" option.

IMPORTANT:  If you wish to use the "Text Message (SMS)" method, you will need to set up your phone number first.  If you wish to use the "App Authentication" method, you will need to download a 2-Factor Authentication app.  We recommend "Google Authenticator" which you can download from your app store on your device.

5.  Please see below regarding each option:

  • If you selected "App Authentication" please click "Use Authentication App".  Then go into your authentication app and scan the QR code or enter the text code into your authentication app and click "Continue" in your BeatStars account.  Next, go back to your authentication app and grab the confirmation code and enter it in your BeatStars account.  Then click the "Continue" button.  (see screenshot)


  • If you selected "Text Message (SMS)" please first ensure to add your phone number here Phone, you will then receive a text message with a confirmation code.  Upon receiving the confirmation code, please enter it in your BeatStars account and click the "Continue" button.   Then go back to the Credentials section in your BeatStars account, next click the "Change Security Method" option, then select "Text Message (SMS)" and click "Activate SMS Authentication".  (see screenshot)


6. Next, enter your BeatStars password and click the "Continue" button.  (see screenshot)



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