What Kinds of Events can I Track with Google Analytics?

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Integrating GA4 with your Pro Page is a strategic move to understand and grow your beat production business. By leveraging the power of GA4’s analytics, you’ll gain invaluable insights that can help shape your product offerings, improve customer experience, and ultimately, boost your sales. Please see some examples below of how you can leverage Google Analytics to understand more about how people interact with your Pro Page and Blaze player.


  1. Add to Cart: Know which beats and products customers are considering for purchase.
  2. Page View: Identify which pages are the most visited and engaging on your site.
  3. Session Start: Capture the beginning of user sessions to understand initial user interactions.
  4. View Item List: Analyze how customers interact with lists of your products.
  5. User Engagement: Measure the depth of interaction and engagement with your content.
  6. View Item: Gauge interest in specific products to tailor your inventory to customer preferences.
  7. Login: Track the frequency and behavior patterns of returning customers.
  8. Sign Up: Assess the effectiveness of your sign-up process and track the growth of your user base.
  9. Purchase: Monitor completed transactions to measure your success and ROI.
  10. First Visit: Track the first time someone has visited your page
  11. Pause: Know when someone clicks pause on a beat.
  12. Play: Identify when play is clicked on a beat
  13. Remove from Cart: Capture a product being removed from a cart.
  14. Search: Track when the search function is used. 

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