How do I get paid for my music sales?

When someone purchases your content on our site, the customer will have the option to pay via the available payment options you connected in the following section of your BeatStars account. Please note that if your customer has content from multiple producers in their cart, or if any tracks in their cart are collaborations, only PayPal can be used for such payments.

Payment Accounts

Once the transaction is fully processed, the funds will show up in the applicable payment account you connected based on the buyer's payment method.

IMPORTANT:  BeatStars does not process payments on our side.  Any issues processing payments are usually due to an issue with either the buyer's payment method, the producer(s) personal payment account(s), or an issue on the 3rd party processing partner's side.  In such cases, your customer will need to contact their source payment provider and the 3rd party processing partner i.e. PayPal, Stripe, etc. where applicable and request more information as to why the payment declined or has yet to process.

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