Why didn't I receive my payment after a sale?

This article applies to:

  • Beat sellers
  • Professional plan
  • Starter plan



In this article, you will find some possible explanations to why you haven't received a payment after making a sale.

Explanation List

  1. Please first ensure that the transaction has been "Completed" and is not stuck in "Pending", "Canceled", or "Voided" on PayPal's side. 

  2. If the transaction is successful, please also ensure you are checking the proper PayPal account. It is fairly common that producers will have a different PayPal account connected than they thought.

  3. If you do not see a payment in any of your PayPal accounts, the payment is most likely in your BeatStars Wallet. 

Important Note: If you are unsure which PayPal you have connected to your BeatStars account, you can disconnect and reconnect them via the following section: Payment Accounts

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