Why is my PayPal payment being held?

Usually, this indicates that your PayPal account is not set up to accept international currencies and/or has other restrictions.  Please double-check your PayPal account settings and ensure that your PayPal account is set up to accept all international currencies.  If you need assistance with this process, please contact PayPal.

Please also ensure that your PayPal account does not have any restrictions and/or limitations set forth by PayPal.  For any further questions, please contact PayPal for more details regarding your withheld payments.

IMPORTANT:  If a transaction is stuck in Pending and you received your portion of the payment, it is possible there are other producers involved in the transaction and they will need to accept their portion of the sale in order for the transaction to complete and for the buyer to receive their files.  For more information regarding stuck transactions, please see the following help article Why are my PayPal transactions being voided, declined, or stuck in pending?

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