Why are my PayPal transactions being voided, declined, or stuck in pending?

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This article is to troubleshoot the issue of PayPal transactions being voided, declined, or stuck in a pending status. This can be due to various reasons which we will outline below.

Apologies, please note that BeatStars does not process payments in any way. All PayPal transactions are direct payments between the buyer and sellers (producers) via PayPal. BeatStars is not the merchant, and each producer is their own merchant. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  BeatStars does not void, decline, or place payments in pending status on our side. This occurs specifically on PayPal's side, and we cannot assist with resolutions in these cases as we do not process payments.

Common Causes

If/when payments are voided, declined, or stuck in pending via PayPal, it's usually due to one or more of the following reasons:

  1. An issue with the buyer's payment method
  2. Fraud block by PayPal or the buyer's payment method
  3. An issue with one or more producer's personal PayPal account(s)
  4. One or more producer's personal PayPal account(s) is not set up to accept international currency
  5. An issue on PayPal's side

Tips for Producers

  • Do you have your PayPal account set up to accept all international currencies? If not, this could be the cause of the issue, and you will need to adjust your settings in your PayPal account. Here are some instructions to set up your account to receive international currencies:

1. Please log in to your PayPal business account at www.paypal.com
2. Click the profile icon (Profile menu) on the top right side of the page.
3. From the Business Profile menu, select Profile and Settings. If you do not see the profile icon on the top right, select Profile, which appears in the top menu when the My Account tab is selected.
4. From the left menu, click My selling tools.
5. In/under the Getting paid and managing my risk section, click the Update link for the Block Payments item.
6. Update Allow payments sent to me in a currency I do not hold to "Yes, accept and convert them to U.S. Dollars")
7. Click Save. 

  • Please ensure your PayPal account does not have any blocks and/or restrictions.

  • Please also disconnect and reconnect your intended PayPal account in your BeatStars Payment Accounts section, as you may have an old PayPal account still connected.

  • We use PayPal's latest PP4M integration. If you contact PayPal, please ensure to speak to their Technical Team who specializes in their PP4M integration. Friendly reminder: you are the merchant, not BeatStars.

  • For "Pending Review" status specifically, please see the following help article from PayPal's community: Pending Review

Tips for Buyers

  • Please confirm that your payment is not being blocked or declined by your bank/credit card provider or PayPal. 

  • Banks, credit card providers, and PayPal often have strict fraud protection to protect buyers from potential fraudulent online purchases. Please ensure this was not a security blocked payment.

  • Please contact each producer involved in the sale to ensure their personal PayPal account(s) are not blocked and they are set up to accept your currency.

  • Payments from non-US verified accounts get placed under a 24-hour review period on PayPal's side. This may lead to Pending or Canceled payments if the account does not pass PayPal's review process.

  • For "Pending Review" status specifically, please see the following help article from PayPal's community: Pending Review

  • If PayPal references there is an issue with the merchant, please note that each producer is their own merchant/seller. BeatStars is not the merchant.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If your issue persists, contact PayPal's Technical Support for any questions regarding any issues with transactions. We do not suggest contacting their regular Customer Support. You may need to discuss directly with their Technical Team. Please ensure to speak with a PayPal Technical representative who specializes in their PP4M integration. 

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