Why haven't I received my files after purchase?

This article applies to:

  • Beat Buyers



The purpose of this article is to troubleshoot the issue of not receiving a download link for a beat after a purchase. 

Common Causes

  • Your transaction is stuck in "Pending", "Canceled", or "Voided"
  • You are checking the wrong email address where your purchase was sent.
  • You incorrectly entered your email address when checking out. 
  • You were not logged in to your BeatStars account when making the purchase so it completed as a guest purchase. 


  • If you have a BeatStars account and were logged in when you made the purchase, you should be able to find your order in the "Purchased" section. If you do not see anything in that section, it means you were not logged in and made the purchase as a guest buyer. To get your files as a guest buyer, you will need to check your email for an email from BeatStars, this email will contain a link to download your files. 
  • If your transaction is stuck in "Pending", "Canceled", or "Voided", usually this indicates either an issue with the buyer's payment method, the producers personal PayPal account, or an issue on PayPal's side. Files cannot be sent until PayPal confirms that all producers/merchants have received their portion of the funds successfully.  If there is an issue with your transaction, files cannot be sent. This is more common on collab beats, because more people are required to receive their portion of the funds.  If this happens, please contact PayPal Support because BeatStars is not the processor of the transaction and has limited information to help. They should be able to push the transaction through, or cancel it so you can try again. 
  • If your transaction is marked as "Completed", please check all your email accounts for the transaction receipt. If you still do not see this email, please submit a ticket with your, BeatStars invoice ID so we can look up the transaction. These numbers will start with things like BSGUEST_ PROGUEST_ PRO_ BS_ and similar.

    If your Invoice ID starts with "Guest" it means you were not logged in and completed the purchase as a guest. 




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