How do I navigate the CRA dashboard?

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In this article, we will provide answers on how to navigate the CRA dashboard.

There are four overarching sections of the CRA:

1. Submit Requests:
Whenever you have legal challenges or need personalized support, you can easily fill out a form to submit a request for our team of experts to help you with issues regarding placements, stolen beat/loops, agreement reviews, track takedowns, template customization, invoice guidance, payments, and other legal challenges.

Our CRA team will provide dedicated direct communication and step-by-step instructions for how to get your issues resolved.

2. Administrative Services:
Invoice generator - Create and customize professional invoices from a built-in template, export them as PDFs, and send these directly to labels or clients.

W-8 & W-9 tax forms -
Whenever you work with major labels or third parties paying for your work, you’ll need to declare your tax status using these forms. Complete the W-9 if you're US-based or the W-8 if you're not when you’re asked to provide your tax forms.

Label vendor packets - When working specifically with major labels (Universal, Sony, or Warner), these are necessary forms to complete. These forms tell Universal, Sony, and Warner all the information they need to know for you to get paid any advances, fees, or royalties owed to you.

3. Template Library:
Access customizable legal templates during various stages of your music journey including  NDAs, mixer agreements, session musician agreements, SoundExchange Letters of Direction, writer split sheets, and sync license agreements.

4. Additional Tools:
Creator glossary - Here you can decode industry jargon with our library of commonly used terms.

Copyright services - Protect your work by partnering with Cosynd for easy copyright registration if you haven’t done so already.

CRA Discord - Join and access our CRA Discord channel to engage in daily conversations with fellow CRA members.


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