Why did I receive a notice of violation?

This usually occurs if our system detects unusual activity from within a user's account.  Please note that this is not only for using bots and/or 3rd party apps, but any other manual activity which is deemed suspicious, excessive, and/or unusual to our community and platform.  If our system continues to identify suspicious activity, accounts can be blocked per our discretion and without any further warning or refund, unfortunately. 

Our community is designed for building an organic network of people you know or plan to collaborate with.  Please simply do not perform any activity in excess in order to avoid any further violations.

If this was not you and you think you may have personally left your account logged in somewhere, we recommend you perform the following actions to protect your account:

1.  Reset your passwords.

2.  Set up 2-Factor Authentication in the following section of your BeatStars account.


3.  Logout from all of your BeatStars sessions.

IMPORTANT:  Our system is accurate with regards to these violations, if you received a violation notice, this indicates our system detected suspicious or excessive activity from your account.  Strikes cannot be removed and we cannot share specific information for security reasons.  To prevent restrictions, please follow the suggestions recommended above.

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