How Do I Edit the Price of a Contract (Studio)

  1. Log into your BeatStars account.
  2. Next, visit the following section Licenses & Contracts 
  3. Then click the 3 dots to the right, then the "Edit" option to the right of the license you wish to edit.  (see screenshots)

image18.png image9.png

  1. Next, enter the desired price you wish to apply for this license in the "Default Price" field & decide if you want to enable “Active by default on new content” by checking the “Yes” circle.  (see screenshot)


  1. Click on the tracks tab.


  1. To get the price to save, you will need to uncheck and check each track. If your tracks are already checked active, you MUST uncheck them and recheck them to get the new price to save.


  1. Then click the "Publish" button.  (see screenshot)
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