How do I get share links to a specific track from my Marketplace Feed and Pro Page?

To get a share link for a specific track from your Marketplace Feed or Pro Page, please see the instructions below.

1.  Locate the track you wish to share.

2.  Next, click the share button next to your desired track.  (see screenshot)


NOTE: The above button is from the Marketplace Feed.  On your Pro Page, the background color may be different.

3.  Then copy the "Short URL" or "Full URL" depending on the URL you wish to share. 

4.  Next, share the copied URL to your desired location i.e. social media, email, etc.  The URL link will direct users to the respective location you selected to share.

IMPORTANT:  Some social networks may not support 3rd party links.  BeatStars does not have any control over any 3rd party service restrictions.

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