30 Day Challenge Week 1

Day 1 - Set up or Spruce Up

Your website can make or break a customer's first impression of your brand. Whether you're just getting set up or want to bring in the new year with a new look - take today to get your Pro Page to perfection.

That means not taking the time to make your storefront look professional, or taking the time to organize it in a way that is easy for customers to navigate can result in you losing out on money they may have otherwise spent with you!

The Pro Page is your own, easy-to-edit, completely customizable professional storefront that can be made in minutes.

Want to know more about why every producer needs to have a Pro Page? Click here!


Day 2 - Solidify your Branding

Establish your identity. You'll want to create memorable branding that your audience can quickly recognize. Your logo can become a symbol of trust.

30 Day Challenge LPs-3.png

The BeatStars team has personally curated a list of our favorite design resources, tools, and websites to help you create the branding of your dreams. Download the list here! 


Day 3 - Find your Inspiration

One of the best ways to grow is to learn! Use our checklist of questions to evaluate your sources of inspiration so you can make sure you are looking at the various elements and strategies needed to make your studying effective. Download the checklist here! 


Day 4 - Define What Makes You Different

Understanding your value is key to longevity! Your mission statement and value proposition are not something that you have to share publicly but will help serve as a guide for your business decisions.

In can also help you maintain your motivation and growth through the tough times of entrepreneurship, as you have something to remind you of your reason for creating a business and the value you add to your customers.

Use our guide for an easy way for you to outline who you are and what you offer to your customers. Download it here! 


Day 5 - Determine Your Audience

Increase your customer size through intentional targeting.

The better you understand your target market, the more relevant your product, content, and marketing will be. Doing this will give you a much better chance of reaching the most likely audience to convert into customers.

Answer these questions to implement a targeting strategy that focuses on reaching the right audience. Download them here! 


Day 6 - Set up an LLC

Take the next step in formalizing your business! Forming an LLC for your music business comes with many advantages, and will ultimately benefit you in the long run as you grow your business and make more sales.

Our guide lays out if an LLC & EIN is right for you and what you’ll need to do if you decide to set one up. Download it here! 


Day 7 - Set up your Custom Domain

As a music producer having a custom domain and email will help to establish your business’ level of professionalism. Using a domain specific to you will help to boost reputability, build trust among potential customers, and ultimately help drive traffic to your site by ranking you higher on search engines.

Watch our step-by-step tutorial here for easy setup!


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