30 Day Challenge Week 3

Day 15 - Make Your Creative Templates 

Having a collection of social media posts and album art templates will make it easy to create content that is always on-brand. When you have a consistent style, your audience will know what kind of content to expect from you and will be more likely to follow.

Download our IG Feed Template: IG Feed Template

Download Our IG Story Template: IG Story Template

Download Our Youtube Template: Youtube Template


Day 16 - Plan Your Social Calendar

When you post consistently, your followers will know what they can expect from you. Taking the time to plan your content in advance eliminates wondering what you’re going to post or potential gaps in content publishing. A long-term vision means you’re pushing a consistent brand voice and content that supports your marketing goals.

Download our Pre-Made social calendar


Day 17 - Determine Your SEO Strategy

Having a solid SEO strategy can make or break your business' exposure. When you have a solid SEO strategy, your music is more likely to be discovered, and ultimately can help increase your sales organically.

When you search a question or topic, you’re more inclined to click on the first or second result rather than the results on the second page, right? The thing is, your potential customers and listeners work with the same mentality. These higher search rankings are the result of good SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Download our Youtube description template

Download our list of 20 hashtags to try


Day 18 - Fill Out Your About Section

A bio tells potential customers who you are and what you do. While it’s okay to include your contact info, that shouldn’t be the only information you have.

It's also great to have on hand because as you grow your business, and more partners and companies want to work with you, they will oftentimes request a bio.

Download our guide on how to write your bio


Day 19 - Set Up Discounts and Bulk Deals

Bulk discounts are a win-win for both you and the customer! They win because they're getting more music and saving money. You win by making a sale with penny pinching customers.

Check out our tutorial video on how to set those up here


Day 20 - Set Up Your Chatbot

With the way we communicate constantly advancing, customers expect information or customer service quickly and easily. A lack of an immediate answer usually results in a customer becoming frustrated, which could mean the loss of a customer. Chatbots provide that real-time assistance, right away.

Learn how to connect your chatbot to Manychat here


Day 21 - Create a Playlist

Curating playlists on BeatStars helps appeal to customers and visitors looking for a specific sound. When you organize your music into playlists, customers can easily navigate to see if you have what they're looking for; meaning it may result in getting more ears on more of your music.

Learn how to create playlists here





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