How To Create A Voloco Account?

This article applies to:

  • Beat Sellers
  • Beat Buyers

In this article, you will learn how to create and onboard your new account for the Voloco mobile application.

Step-by-step guide

1. Download the Voloco app from the app store.


2. Open the Voloco app after download.

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3. You will need to Consent to the Data Privacy requirement. 

4. Sign Up/Sign In to the app. 


5. Voloco provides the following sign-up/sign-in options: 

a. Continue with Apple (iOS only).

b. Continue with Google.

c. Continue with Facebook. 

d. Continue with the Phone Number.

6. Complete sign-up/sign-in flow.

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7. Enter your mobile phone number and select verify.


8. The verification code is sent to your phone number via SMS.

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9. Once verified, Voloco asks you to create/enter your username.

Important Note: If the username is already taken, a warning appears to notify you to enter another username.


10. Once a username has been entered and you select continue, a first-time-use screen is displayed. On this screen, two images are shown in a carousel format describing in brief about the app.



11. After selecting continue, a subscription screen is presented.
Important notice: Currency may differ depending on your location.


12. After choosing a subscription plan, the next screen that is presented is a quick recommendation screen, explaining best practices for recording your vocals.


13. After selecting continue on the best practices screen, the next step is to grant the app access to your device's microphone - this is to facilitate the voice recording.


14. Once you have granted the app access to your microphone, you are presented with a screen to add a backing beat - this only appears for first-time use.

15. Next, go to the BeatStars Marketplace App, hit record on a beat that has free downloads enabled and it will automatically import your beat of choice into Voloco.

16. From hereafter, you can start recording to the Beat and manipulate your vocal recordings with the various effects and tools that Voloco provides.

Important Note: Some effects and tools are only available with the Voloco paid subscription plans.

17. There is also a section within the app, where you can preview and listen to other user's recordings if they have posted them publicly on Voloco. 

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