How can I start a negotiation? (Marketplace App)

To start a negotiation for a track, please see the following instructions:

Log into your BeatStars account via the BeatStars app.

2.  Click on the "add to cart" button to the right of the track you are interested in negotiating.  (see screenshot)



4.  Next click the "Offer" button (if available), or the "Negotiate Price" button.  (see screenshot)


NOTE:  Producers manage their own license availability.  Please note that some producers may not offer Exclusive License purchases and may choose not to negotiate for certain licenses per their discretion.

5.  Next, fill out your deal details and click the "Start Negotiation" button.  (see screenshot)


NOTE:  You can also add additional tracks to the negotiation using the "Add More Tracks to Negotiation" button if you wish.



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