What are the differences between the available licenses and terms?

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This article provides more information on how to determine the differences between the available licenses for content on BeatStars.


The producers manage their own pricing, licenses, terms, and sales. BeatStars does not manage licenses, pricing, or availability, and terms will vary depending on each producer's personal settings.  

Generally, Non-Exclusive Licenses are leases with limited terms of use based on the producer's determined settings. Exclusive contracts are generally an exchange in ownership where the buyer becomes the new copyright owner. However, please keep in mind that the producers fully operate as their own business entities and fully manage their own contractual terms. As a result, the specifics of their contracts can vary per their discretion. 

You can read the terms of each license on the cart page prior to checkout. If you have any specific inquiries, please feel free to contact the producer(s) directly using the "Message" button or social media links (if any) on their BeatStars account(s).

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