Where Can I Find The Copies That Beat ID Has Identified For Me?

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In this article, you will learn where you can find your Beat ID copies and the different types of copies that are found.

Important Note: Copies can take up to 30 days to first appear if any are found on the social web. 

Where can I find my Beat ID Copies?
You can find all the copies of your music that Beat ID has identified in the Copies tab in Beat ID.

  1. To see more details about a copy, click anywhere on the name. Screen_Shot_2021-09-23_at_5.09.17_PM.png

  2. Once you click on a copy you will be able to see what percentage of your asset was used, at which timestamp it was used, and receive a link to that copy. Screen_Shot_2021-09-23_at_4.56.47_PM.png

What type of copies does Beat ID find?
Beat ID categorizes matches into seven different match types.

  1. Exact Match - A 1:1 match of your asset.
  2. Full Match - A copy that contains 100% of your asset’s content but also contains additional content. E.g. Your asset is 1:30 minutes. A full match copy is returned that runs 5:00 min in length and contains all 1:30 minutes of your asset and 3:30 minutes of other content.
  3. Partial Match - 100% of the copy matches your asset but does not contain the entirety of your asset. E.g. Your asset is 5:00 minutes. A copy returned is 3:00 minutes in length and all of that 3:00 minutes comes from your asset.
  4. Snippet - A match that occurs when part of your asset appears as part of a video. E.g. Your video is 3:00  minutes long. A copy is returned with a 5:00 min duration and two of those minutes match your content.
  5. Snippet 30 - Snippet in which the matched content is 30 seconds or less in duration.
  6. Snippet 10 - Snippet in which the matched content is 10 seconds or less in duration.
  7. Snippet 5 -  Snippet in which the matched content is 5 seconds or less in duration.

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