What is a PRO?

A PRO (Performing Rights Organization) is a publishing organization responsible for collecting performance royalties on behalf of songwriters and music publishers. BeatStars has partnered with IMRO to provide new Publishing members with a PRO and IPI number free of charge. You are able to register for IMRO when you apply to Publishing. If you already have a PRO, you are free to use yours as well. Below is a current list of some accepted PROs for different countries. Money related to your songs comes from applicable collection societies around the world. Once BeatStars receives your money, you will be able to withdraw it from the BeatStars Wallet.

IMPORTANT:  We do not manage these services, as a result, the list could be subject to change and there may be others.  Please search your country's additional PRO options if needed. 

Country Agency Site
Argentina SADAIC https://www.sadaic.org.ar/
Australia APRA https://apraamcos.com.au/
Austria AKM https://www.akm.at/
Belgium SABAM https://www.sabam.be/
Bulgaria MUSICAUTHOR https://www.musicautor.org/
Canada SOCAN http://www.socan.com/
Chile SCD http://www.scd.cl/
Colombia ACINPRO https://www.acinpro.org.co/
Colombia SAYCO http://sayco.org/
Croatia HDS https://www.hds.hr/
Czech Republic OSA https://www.osa.cz/
Denmark KODA https://www.koda.dk/
Estonia EAU https://www.eau.org/
Finland Teosto https://www.teosto.fi/
France SACEM https://www.sacem.fr/
Germany GEMA https://www.gema.de/
Hong Kong CASH https://www.cash.org.hk/
Hungary ARTISJUS https://www.artisjus.hu/
India IPRS https://www.iprs.org/
Israel ACUM https://acum.org.il/
Italy SIAE https://www.siae.it/
Japan JASRAC https://www.jasrac.or.jp/
Malaysia MACP https://www.macp.com.my/
Mexico SACM https://www.sacm.org.mx/
Nepal MRCSN https://norcode.no/
Netherlands BUMA https://www.bumastemra.nl/
New Zealand APRA https://apraamcos.co.nz/
Norway TONO https://www.tono.no/
Peru APDAYC http://www.apdayc.org.pe/
Philippines FILSCAP https://filscap.com.ph/
Poland ZAIKS https://zaiks.org.pl/
Puerto Rico ACEMLA https://acemla.com/
Romania UCMR https://ucmr-ada.ro/
Russia RAO https://rao.ru/
Serbia SOKOJ https://www.sokoj.rs/
Singapore COMPASS  http://compass.org.sg/
Slovakia SOZA http://www.soza.sk/
South Africa SAMRO https://www.samro.org.za/
South Korea KOMCA https://www.komca.or.kr/
Spain SGAE http://www.sgae.es/
Sweden STIM https://www.stim.se/
Switzerland SUISA https://www.suisa.ch/
Taiwan MUST https://www.must.org.tw/
Thailand MCT http://www.mct.in.th/
Trinidad COTT http://www.cott.org.tt/
Ukraine UACRR http://uacrr.org.ua/
United Kingdom PRS https://prsfoundation.com/
United States of America ASCAP https://www.ascap.com/
United States of America BMI https://www.bmi.com/
Uruguay AGADU https://www.agadu.org/
Venezuela SACVEN


Barbados COSCAP https://coscap.org/
Costa Rica ACAM https://www.acam.cr/
Ecuador SAYCE https://sayce.com.ec/
Indonesia WAMI https://www.wami.id/
Jamaica JACAP https://www.jacapjamaica.com/
Macedonia ZAMP https://zamp.com.mk/
Portugal SPA https://www.spautores.pt/
Turkey MSG https://msg.org.tr/



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