Should I register my songs with my PRO before I register them with BeatStars Publishing?

This article applies to:
  • Publishing Members

  • Starter Plan

  • Professional Plan


No, as a BeatStars publishing member, you do not need to register your songs with your PRO. If you do, it effectively puts the songs in conflict, as per below. When you deliver a song via the BeatStars portal, we automatically register your songs with BMI/ASCAP for both your Writer’s Share and Publisher’s Share. We also register your songs to all other income collection sources throughout the world. 
Additionally, as a BeatStars publishing member you are in an exclusive administration agreement with BeatStars. Sony Music Publishing administers on behalf of BeatStars. As a party to an exclusive administration agreement with BeatStars, all of your songs are administered by BeatStars/Sony while you are in the term of the agreement. Please remember this is for publishing rights only.
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